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We provide a complete range of facial services for all types of skins.

limpeza de pele

Deep Facial Cleansing

Deep cleansing of the skin pores with the aim of leaving it free of impurities, eliminating dead cells, excess oil, and restoring its natural hydration levels.

🔹 Blackheads
🔹 Whiteheads
🔹 Milia
🔹 Excess of Oiliness
🔹 Pore Sebaceous Filaments.

mascara facial caviar

Caviar Luxury

Luxury treatment to prevent and delay the aging of the face. Unmissable! 🥰

🔹 The skin is intensely hydrated, remineralized and regenerated
🔹 The skin is activated to produce new collagen
🔹 The volume, flexibility, elasticity, and tone of the skin are enhanced
🔹 Energized and radiant skin
🔹 Reduction of Fine lines and wrinkles

tratamento facial anti-age

Mature Skin

Rejuvenating Treat

A perfect anti-aging treatment that fights all signs of aging without exception:

🔹Pigmentary lesions
🔹Wrinkles, sagging
🔹Uniform complexion.

The luxurious textures, with great ability to penetrate the skin, will awaken a new passion.

Chemical peel

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peeling 100% of vegetable origin (based on fruit acids), produces controlled dermabrasion, generating an accelerated skin renewal. It is a safe, painless choice with visible results from the first application.

🔹 Rejuvenation
🔹 Photoaging
🔹 Deep Regeneration
🔹 Brands / Scars
🔹 Recent streaks
🔹 Acne / Seborrhea
🔹Pre and Post Fills

radiofrequência rosto



Facial RF treatments stimulate the production of new collagen fibers, resulting in immediate improvements in skin elasticity and stiffness, are indicated for patients concerned with:

🔹 Expression lines;
🔹 Flaccidity;
🔹Double chin;

diamond peel

Diamond Peel


Physical peeling promotes micro-exfoliation of the skin in order to remove dead cells present in the most superficial layer and stimulate the production of collagen.

🔹 Removal of skin stains (melanosis);
🔹 Treat acne scars;
🔹 Removal of dead cells;
🔹 Clearance of pores;
🔹 Excessive oiliness.

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