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An Incredible Spa Experience

Come and appreciate the rarity of a timeless interlude, live exceptional moments in a mythical place where the art of living, receiving, and listening is found as a masterpiece, pure happiness. Forget the outdoors, forget the hours, let your body and your mind travel through elegance and excellence that remain inimitable!

Massage with therapeutic and aromatic essential oils

Tension release, lymphatic drainage, and more nourished skin from head to toe.

Massage spa with extreme lower back pain.

All Therapies & Prices
Aromatherapy75 min.€ 77
Ayurvedic80 min.€ 80
Hot Stones75 min.€ 75
Reflexology30 min.€ 30

Treat yourself to the most relaxing time of your life!

Release from localized pain.

Swedish massage technic based at smooth movements.

All Massages & Prices
Relaxation50 min.€ 45
Localized30 min.€ 35
Indian Head20 min.€ 30
Ayurvedic120 min.€ 80

Skin Care

Wellness Spa 25


Treat yourself to most relaxing hour of your life!


The best treatments for your skin

Manicure & Pedicure

Your care in good hands

All Facials & Prices
Dermabrasion € 35
Chemical Peeling € 75
Deep cleansing € 70
Eyebrows design € 12

All Body & Prices
Body scrub € 30
Body Contour Booster  € 43
Hair removal      See full list
Threading See full list

All Manicure, Pedicure & Prices
Manicure SPA € 15
Manicure SPA + gel polish € 25
Pedicure SPA       € 28
Pedicure SPA + gel polish € 35


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