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Black gold for the skin: Rich anti-aging care with caviar extract. Experience luxury with the exceptional skin-smoothing and regenerating effects of this cream.

Black gold for the skin: The rich luxurious treatment gives the skin an extraordinary radiance. The anti-aging caviar extract gives it a smooth appearance. It gets more volume once again. Lines and wrinkles appear padded. Natural skin regeneration is strengthened and supported.


Apply to cleansed skin mornings and evenings and gently massage in.

TIP: In combination with the Caviar Extract ampoule, the active extracts achieve an intense synergy with an immediately visible skin-smoothing effect.


• Caviar extract: Rich in amino acids, vitamins, and lipids. The skin is protected from free radicals and provided with valuable nutrients and moisture

• Yeast extract: Rich in oligo and polysaccharides; it stimulates the synthesis of anchor proteins (type IV and VII collagen) in the dermo-epidermal junction layer and thereby reduce the volume and depth of the skin creases

• Long-chain hyaluronic acid: Acts on the upper epidermal skin layers. It offsets moisture deficits and reduces superficial wrinkles caused by dry skin

• Short-chain hyaluronic acid: Penetrates deeper into the epidermal skin layers. There it can be stored and it causes an additional refilling effect from the inside out

 Saccharide isomerate: Moisturiser from natural sugars. This forms a natural bond with the skin’s keratin and is, therefore, also referred to as “moisture magnet”

• Silk Extract: For a delicate, silky skin feel

• Vitamin E acetate: Radical catchers

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